Logos, email and other details

Thanks to the folks at "Cards of Wood" for helping with my logo. I think its perfect .

Email.... such an issue. I have been on phone for hours with Apple and Mailchimp. Can't seem to get the mailbox going (arrrggghh)


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We survived Cooper Young

Monday, Sept 21.... My girl is 32 today and my wife and I are recovering from the Cooper Young Festival. It was a SUCCESS !!!!!

We sold nearly twice the number of ties that we considered a "successful " show. Our dear friends, Tommy and Deone worked like slaves. My son in law, Kris was a hoot and really helped. The Westmorelands as well were instrumental in getting things ready and promotion. THANKS TO ALL!

It was really interesting. I have, at the moment, 6 styles of ties. The "Who" , "Mae" and "Dave" were the big sellers. "Lugosi" came in 4th, followed by "Abe" and "Woody". I'm going to modify some details on "Woody".. Also, I'm going to introduce children's ties, hair bows for women and MAYBE.... some clips for pets.... I know, but people LOVE their furry babies. I'll have to see how the water feels on that.... but.....

Everyone (almost) who passed my booth were intrigued by the ties. So, I'm going to look into the Pink Palace Festival, which is a 3 day event. That's all for now....

Be bold, wear wood 

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The Moose moves forward

Well, this is the first blog I've ever written ....  I'm working on refining my logo.. I've had some really nice input and can't quite seem to get a handle on "the look" of the moose. His tie is too small.

I have about 150 ties cut out that need detailing and I'm getting ready for the Cooper Young Festival in September. 

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