What's this about a "Moose Shed"?

HEY!!!!  I have been a woodworker and restorer of fine furniture since 1974. As the years have gone by, I have truly been blessed by an "eye" for what is fine and what is mundane. 

My wife and both daughters have been involved in my journey and now that the girls are married, it's just the wife and me in the business. We have always been fair, honest and genuine in our approach to our work, our lives and our dealings with people in general. 

The MOOSE was born from my girls joking about the coordination of my youngest. My oldest girl said, "You are as clumsy as a moose in a china cabinet" to which she replied... "Haw Haw"... Just like the scene from "Its a Wonderful Life"... The Moose was born, personality developed and the rest...... well, you know.

IF THERE IS EVER A PROBLEM I promise to do my best to resolve the matter in a very fair manner.